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It’s February and the gym is already less crowded. I see this every year. People make New Year resolutions to get fit, but they don’t know how to sustain it. Will power alone can’t keep you going. What you really need to do is to change your habit. Here are the three things that helped me get to the gym regularly.

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Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe, but another year has gone by and here we are again. It’s time to take stock and make some new fitness goals for 2018. I did okay last year, but it could always be better. Fitness is really tough if you’re not focused.

2018 New Year Fitness Resolutions

2017 recap

First, let’s see how I did with my New Year resolutions last year.

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fitness tracker helps you

Can a fitness tracker help you become more active? Yes, from my experience it works. I gave myself a Garmin Vivofit 2 as a Christmas present in 2015 and I’ve been using it to track my steps ever since. There is a new version out now and it looks even better and has new functions added. Check out the Garmin Vivofit 3 at Amazon. It’s pretty awesome for just $79.

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School started last week and I’m finally getting back to the gym. As expected, I couldn’t work out much while our kid is out of school. There were just too many things to do in the summer. I worked out occasionally, but couldn’t really get into the groove. However, it was still a good learning experience. Now, I know I should just write the summer off. I just couldn’t get a rhythm going. Next summers, I’ll just concentrate on having fun outdoor and not worry much about working out. This summer, we went swimming, camping, hiking, and walking all over town. We had a great summer break and I was active. It was good to take a break from working out anyway because my elbows were really hurting by the end of spring. I overdid it with the pull ups.

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Summer Hiatus

Well, my summer exercise plan didn’t really pan out. It’s just so hard to workout when school is out. Summer hiatus is on and we’ll get back to exercise and blogging after school starts.

Meanwhile, check out my personal finance blog – Retire by 40. See how I’m doing 5 years after I retired from my engineering career.

Some summer pictures. 🙂

Hug PointWe went to the beach to escape the heat.

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2017 is almost half over and it’s time for the midyear fitness report! Actually, this is a bit early, but I need to report now because it is the last week of school for our kid. Once he’s out of school, I won’t be able to exercise as regularly. I’ll try my best, but I know I’ll only be able to work out occasionally. Okay, let’s go over my fitness goals this year and see how I’ve done so far.

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