2017 Fitness Log

This is my fitness log for 2017.

My goals this year

  • Averages 7,000 steps per day.
  • Pull up 15 20 times in a row. I can do about 10 good pull ups in a row before Thanksgiving. Vacation and holidays wreck havoc on my workout schedule and I need to start over again…
  • Exercise when the kid goes to school.

Pull Ups
187,800166A137.8 2
177,070145B+139.8 1
167,440135B+139.4 2
98,22016 (bad form..)5A+
13,000NA0F135.8 lbs

Week 27 – Ugh! Didn’t get to the gym at all. Summer is tough for working out!

Week 26 – I made it to the gym 4 times. That’s not too bad.

Week 25 – I didn’t get to the gym at all… We went swimming and walked all over town, though. Back to the gym next week.

Week 24 – School is out! I only worked out 3x this week. I won’t be able to work out regularly this summer. Hopefully, I don’t regress too much.

Week 23 – Uneventful week. I’m still recovering from elbow injury and took it pretty easy at the gym.

Week 22 – I didn’t go workout on Memorial Day because the kid was home. I also hurt my left elbow when I tried negative one arm pull ups. No more of that.. I’ll have to take it easy next week.

Week 20 – Woohoo! I did 19 pull ups. I kept good form too. I’ll post the video next week.

Week 19 – Ugh! I was sick all week. Our kid got a cold from school and infected me. I only missed one day of work out, though. I took my mom to the dentist on Thursday and couldn’t get to the gym. All in all, not a great week, but at least I worked out. Next week should be better.

Week 18 – Hmm… I forgot to update these entries for a few weeks. Sorry! Week 18 was very good. I did 16 pull ups and exercise 6 days. On Saturday, I worked out a bit while my son was at soccer practice. It was sunny so I did 4 sets of pull ups, push ups, leg raises, and lunges. Nice. Weight is lower for some reason. I weight myself on Monday morning instead of Sunday night. That might have made a difference…

Week 14 – Ugh! I am sore all over. It was tough to get back to the gym after a week off. I made it 5 times, though.

Week 13 – It was spring break and I took the week off to be a stay-at-home dad. I didn’t go to the gym, but we went to visit Fort Vancouver and walked a lot. We also biked to see the cherry blossoms. I call it 2 good days of exercise.

Week 12 – I took my mom to the dentist on Tuesday so I missed a day of exercise. The weather has also been pretty bad and we haven’t been active on the weekend. I tried weighted pull ups on Friday and I liked it. My back, arms, and shoulders are feeling it more. I’ll add weighted pull ups once per week.

Week 11 – Ok, good. I did pretty well last week. I went to the gym 5 days and felt pretty good overall. I think I’ve plateau at 15 pull ups, though. I might need to change program for a few weeks before going back to the Armstrong program.

Week 10 – Ugh, it was a bad week. Our kid was a little sick so he stayed home on Tuesday. I went to the gym the other 4 days, but didn’t get a good workout this week. Hopefully, next week I’ll have better workouts. On Friday, I had to cut the workout short to go meet the missus.

Week 9 – Great week. I did 16 pull ups! You can see the video in the following post – Don’t Give Up Your New Year’s Resolutions Yet.

Week 8 – Monday was President’s day so no school. However, I spent 4 hours scraping and caulking 2 bath tubs on Saturday so I call that exercise. This week I exercised 5 times and reached 15 pull ups! Yes! I’ll keep working on it, maybe I can reach 20 by the end of 2017.

Week 7 – Real life intruded this week and I had to deal with my rental on Thursday. I went to the gym 4 times this week and didn’t walk as much. My pull up went up to 14, though. That’s awesome!

Week 6 – Wow, I had a really good week. I walked a lot and went to exercise 5 times! I also pulled up 12 times in a row. That was pretty amazing. It might just be that one day, though. We’ll see in week 7.

Week 5 – Not too bad. School was closed one day for staff meeting so only 4 days of exercise this week.

Week 4 – Woo hoo! I finally had a good week. School was open the whole 5 days and I was able to exercise during those days. I also walked a lot and brought up the steps. Now I just need to maintain these numbers.

Week 3 – Unfortunately, no big improvement in week 3. School was closed for 2 days due to MLK Day and snow. I also went to volunteer at school on Friday so I missed exercise that day. This winter has been really rough. I’m hoping I make to the gym 4 days next week.

Week 2 was better than week 1, but still really bad. School was canceled for 4 days due to bad weather so I only went to the gym once. We played in the snow a lot, though. That made up for it a bit, but we were very inactive the rest of the time.

Week 1 was terrible for me. I was sick and I didn’t exercise at all. This isn’t a good start, but it can’t get any worse than this. The only way is up from here. I’m still a little sick, but I’m going to get back on schedule next week.