Exercising When Kids Are Out of School

Summer problem

School is almost out and I am not looking forward to summer break at all. I’ve been able to exercise consistently this year because our kid started kindergarten. Previously, it was really tough to exercise consistently. Now, I just go to the gym whenever our kid is in school. It’s a simple system and it worked beautifully. My fitness log shows that I rarely missed going to the gym this year. Well, the first few weeks were tough, but that was due to weather and other issues. I missed a few days during spring break too. From that experience, I know that summer break is going to absolutely mess up my exercise schedule. I really need to come up with some plans to stay active this summer.

Exercising When Kidsare out300

Summer is a problem because our kid will be out of school. My regular gym doesn’t have a childcare center so we’ll have to figure out some alternatives. Here are my ideas.

1.       Childcare at the gym. Another gym nearby has a childcare facility, but there is another issue at this gym. There is practically no parking. We could try it out and see if it will work for us. I’d have to pay $5 each time we use the daycare and I’m not sure if our kid would enjoy going there. I think most of the kids there are younger. It’d be hard to go 5 times per week, that’s for sure.

2.       Workout at the playground. In the summer, we’ll go to the playground pretty often. I could do some basic exercise there. I’ve got a short routine down and it should work pretty well. Pushup, pull up, lunge, and hanging leg lift.

3.       Be active. We could go for a bike ride, take a walk, and do other outdoor activities. These would be fun and my steps/day would increase. Oh yeah, I’m sure we’ll go swimming a ton too. That’s good exercise.

4.       Day camp. After the school year is over, I’ll let our kid take a few weeks off and just relax at home. After that, we’ll probably sign up for the week long half-day camp every other week. I could go to the gym when he’s at these camps. I’ve got other stuff to do as well so it might be hard to squeeze the gym in.

5.       Maybe I’ll just the summer off from working out. That’d be devastating to my schedule, though. My max pull ups would definitely go back down to 10. I’m at 19 now and it’d suck to have to start over when I’m so close to my goal. I’ll share a video next time when I do the half year check up.

Anyway, these are the plans for summer. It’s a bit adhoc and that’s always a recipe for failure. I doubt I could be active 5 days per week like I am now. We also have vacations schedule and it’ll be even harder to exercise. Maybe I’ll just have to accept it and start over in the fall. Exercising is tough when the kid is out of school. It’s much easier to have a system in place and just go every weekday.

If you have any tips, let me know…

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