Why You Need to Keep a Fitness Journal

Getting fit is hard when you get older. Practically everybody wants to lose weight, get fit, and become more healthy. That’s why losing weight is one of the most popular New Year resolutions. It’s easy to set goals, but it’s almost impossible to follow through if you don’t have a plan. You probably know that 80% of New Year resolutions fail. Heck, most of them are abandoned by March!  Fitness goals are especially difficult because it require a change of lifestyle. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to change my lifestyle. My life is comfortable and I love it. However, I’m getting older and I need to change because my body isn’t young anymore. Anyway, to even have a chance of achieving your goals, you need to have a plan. That’s why you need to keep a fitness journal.

fitness journal

The benefit of keeping a fitness journal

The problem with fitness is that it could take a while to see results. People are overly optimistic and they think they can change their lifestyle just like that. However, it’s almost impossible to go from a comfortable lifestyle to eating less and being active everyday. Even if you can do it for a while, you probably can’t keep it up. It’s better to gradually improve your fitness a little at a time.

A weekly fitness log will help you keep track of your progress and maintain your motivation level. It’s even better if you write about it on a blog because friends and families can give you feedback and help motivate you.

Keeping a fitness log is easy

Keeping a fitness journal is easy. The main thing is to be consistent and update it every week. Writing about this on a blog is even easier. I’ll just update this post every week and show how I’m doing.

First, you need to write down your goal. Then, just make a spreadsheet and update your progress once per week. Simple, right?

If your goals are more complicated than mine, then you should consider getting a workout journal. These journals are inexpensive and it will help you keep track of your workouts.

Here are my goals for 2017

  • Averages 7,000 steps per day.
  • Pull up 15 times in a row. I can do about 10 good pull ups in a row before Thanksgiving. Vacation and holidays wreck havoc on my workout schedule and I need to start over again…
  • Exercise when the kid goes to school.

Fitness Progress

Week 1 was terrible for me. I was sick and I didn’t exercise at all. This isn’t a good start, but it can’t get any worse than this. The only way is up from here. I’m still a little sick, but I’m going to get back on schedule next week.

Steps Pull ups days exercise
week 1 ~3,000 NA 0

You can take a look at my 2017 fitness log here. I’ll update it every week and I’m sure things will improve.

Do you keep a fitness journal?

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