It’s Time for the Humiliating Fitness Pictures

Ugh! It’s time for the humiliating fitness pictures. What can I say? I’m not in the greatest shape…

It's Time for the Humiliating Fitness Picture

I’m exercising more and hopefully, I’ll be healthier and look better by the end of 2017. I never had a super lean body even when I was young, but it’s really turning to fat lately. Since we had a kid, I haven’t been able to exercise as much and it shows. He started kindergarten this school year so I have more time now. Also, we’ve been a bit too lax with our diet. This year, I’m working on exercising more and eating better.

These humiliating pictures will help me keep track of my progress. I’ll take a few pictures every month and post it here. These are my current statistic.

Week 6

Age: 43 years old

Weight: 134.4 lbs

Height: 5’4

Body Mass Index: 23.1 = Normal

At least now I’m getting able to exercise more consistently. Check out my fitness journal.

More pictures…

Sorry, please turn away. Here are a couple more pictures…

Fitness picture

fitness picture

That’s all I got this week. The pictures already speak 3,000 words…

Do you take pictures of yourself? Is it motivating or humiliating? I really hate this…

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