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2018 Fitness Log

This is my fitness log for 2018.

My goals this year

  • Averages 7,500 steps per day.
  • Keep my weight stable. It’s 137.8 lbs on 1/1/18.
  • Blog once per month. Blogging about personal finance is so much easier for me. Fitness really isn’t my passion, but I need to blog once per month to keep track of my progress.
  • Monthly challenges
    • January – work out 18 times in January.

weight lbs
Januaryweek 1: 2137.8 on 1/1/18


Week1 – Started off well and went to the gym for 3 days. I missed Monday because it was 1/1/18. Also missed Thursday because I was sick.

Week 2 – Went to the gym 4 days. I had a doctor appointment one day.

Week 3 – Ugh! I got sick again and my kid was sick too. 3 days.

Week 4 – Got to the gym 4 days.

Week 5 – Pretty good 4 days.